What is the difference between pedal-assist (including torque sensor) and throttle-assist e-bikes?

Pedal-assist e-bikes are designed to only actuate the motor when the rider is pedaling. On the other hand, throttle-assist e-bikes have the ability to generate full power on demand to give you that quick burst to climb a hill or safely get through an intersection. Ideally you would want your e-bike to be equipped to do both, which is the case with coppernicus Ebikes.

Which is more suitable for me – a hub or a mid-drive motor?

For the vast majority of riders, a hub motor is the obvious choice given that it generates more torque, requires no maintenance and is the more affordable option when compared to a mid-drive motor.

Mid-drive motors are best suited for technical terrain riding, such as professional mountain biking, where weight distribution becomes more important.

How fast can Coppernicus e-bikes go?

All of our models are governed at 25KMPH, which is the maximum speed permitted under CMVR regulations.

What is the weight capacity of your e-bikes?

The weight capacity for all of our models is approximately 100kgs.

How far can I ride before the battery dies?

The riding range varies based on the weight of the rider, terrain and level of assist. Generally speaking, the range on a full charge is up to 80kms on the Coppernicus T3.

Does the battery charge while I am peddling?

Pedaling will conserve the battery, but it doesn’t actually charge it. The battery will only charge when it is plugged into the wall.

How do I figure out if the bike size is right for me?

A rider’s height is the best determinant for size. The T3 is optimal for people 5’4” to  6’2”.


How much maintenance is required?

Aside from the need to keep your battery charged, maintaining a Coppernicus e-bike is the same as any bicycle. After 200 kms, a basic tune-up is required, which is standard procedure for all new bikes once they have been broken in. Otherwise, the simple and most important thing required is to check the tire pressure regularly and keep them properly inflated as indicated on the tire. If riding in wet conditions, take extra care by ensuring the drivetrain is clean and well-lubricated. Minor adjustments or repairs due to general wear and tear will come up from time to time, which can be performed at any local bike shop.

How long until I need to replace the battery?

You can expect your battery to last for two to four years. Lithium batteries tend to lose their capacity over time and require replacement after approximately 800 charge cycles.

Where can I download the owner’s manual?

Download T3 Owners Manual.



What is the warranty policy?

All of our e-bike models come with a 3-year frame warranty plus a one-year or 800km (whichever comes first) replacement warranty on major parts. If a part is defective in manufacturing process we will replace it free of charge. All parts can be easily ordered on our website.

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