Riding through Turahalli Forest, Bangalore

Riding through Turahalli Forest, Bangalore

The Turahalli forest range is Bangalore’s only surviving forest. It boasts of one of the most scenic views and a variety of flora and fauna which makes it a must-visit location if you’re in Bangalore. It is located only 20kms into the outskirts of the city and gives visitors a chance to engage themselves in a wide range of activities.

Cycling is one of the most common activities here. You will spot a few casual weekend cyclists riding through the thin canopies of the trees every weekend. But the grueling uphill trails and the exhilarating downhill decents are what make the more experienced riders keep coming back for more. You can spot some of the best mountain bikes at the Turahalli forest cycling trail, with their riders showing off their bikes’ capabilities.

At first glance, cycling here may seem like an endeavor for the experienced lot. But the trail also serves as a good opportunity for beginners to test and learn new skills.

The Journey into the Forest

We took a right turn to exit from the main road at Vajarahalli into the Turahalli forest. It was a welcoming dirt trail continuing on for a kilometer until we reached a steep incline for another 300m.

For this ride, I was on the Coppernicus T3. It seemed like this electric bicycle was built for exactly these kind of terrains. Having earlier put it to test on muddy roads, flat surfaces, rocky terrain, and even big boulders, my confidence levels were automatically high. As we began to explore the techincal climbs, the T3 quickly transformed into an easy cruiser with the flick of a button from manual to pedal assist mode. Wow!

The turahalli forest cycling route. Turahalli trekking. Check out coppernicus.com for more information
The Turahalli Cycling Trail

The narrow uphill forest path finally led us to a temple located at the summit. The summit opened up to a wide space with big boulders. The weekend-backpack-trip was worth it in the end just for the view and feel from the top —the chirping of the birds, the fresh air blowing through the trees, the smell of earth, and the wide expanse of the forest range below.

Tip: There was plenty of room on the summit for parking bicycles and for some stretching, relaxing and snacking before heading back down. Also, there are many alternate routes to get to the top. A new one for every time you visit?

The Coppernicus T3 Electric Bicycle

Among electric bicycles in India, the Coppernicus T3 is the best electric mountain bike. Period. It gets its abilities from its build, frame geometry, the quality of components used, and for those who don’t particularly enjoy working through the climbs (ehem, Guilty!), it’s torque sensor equipped electrical assistance. The knobby Hutchinson rock tires also provide good traction on most surfaces and make the rider feel safe even on rugged terrain.

The turahalli forest cycling route.
Electric bicycle in India. Check out http://coppernicus.com for more information.
Riding under thin tree canopies

Traditional mountain bikes or even advanced MTBs accomplish the task, however, the T3’s frame build, components, and the precision all-weather hydraulic braking system make the manual mode better. Riding with the electrical-assist is like an add-on layer that makes the ride effortless and enjoyable during the climbs, and the throttle mode allowed me to cruise along the trail silently when I was spotting some birds.

Turahalli Cycling Trail: Conclusion

The scope of activities at this iconic location is little known to even long residing Bangalore locals. However, apart from cycling, the Turahalli forest is also a great spot for trekking, bird watching, and picnics.

Cycling for me is a meditative experience. Somedays I just want to kick back and enjoy the journey. Today was exactly that day. I can easily say that the Coppernicus T3 electric bicycle is genuinely a one-of-a-kind bike that made the climbs less grueling and the trails even more enjoyable and worth remembering.

So this weekend, ready your backpacks! Lace up those shoes and set out to enjoy a day at the Turahalli forest cycling trail with the best electric bicycle and some sandwiches to enjoy at the scenic spots. And I assure you, you will not be disappointed!

The turahalli forest cycling route, check out coppernicus.com for more information
Sindu riding her T3 along a trail.
The turahalli forest cycling route, check out coppernicus.com for more information
Superior Control Over Any Terrain

Written by: Varun

About the author:

Varun is an avid cyclist and loves to take on challenges. He reckons that cycling not only keeps the body fit but also allows for better mental well being. He has always been a believer of electric bicycles and feels that they will transform the future of transport.

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